May 21, 2010

Floating heads leave me alone.

we often tend to deal with people upon some backgrounds already made and processed through our inner brain.
like she is white, an arab, she is rich so i can talk designers.. she is the daughter of who ever, she is thin ... etc"

NOW this is how i often see ppl.

i seriously see every one "including my self" like a body-less floating heads.  i have best friends that i really dont know what is their family name.. or what do their parents do for living, i'm not saying its wrong to know such stuff, but im explaining to u how i see stuff.. and ppl too!

-Floating heads leave me alone-

it's a habit of me (well a bad habit) to meditate in my car before leaving it (i'm serious. i do that like all the time.. i call it meditation, my mom calls it a waste of time and car energy just to listen to songs on the radio which i can play any where... in such cases i tend to shut up and not discuss.. cause there is a slight .. just a tiny possibility that both sides of views might be right).

so when i meditate .. i usually like to follow/stalk ppl with my eyes ofcourse .. like its noon, ita 48 c out side. this car been searching for a parking spot for too long (and been waiting for me to leave .. not knowing my meditation issue**). there is this man.. who is either too old, or been under pressure.. he gets out of the car. (in a very hard way) he can hardly walk.. i can see his body trembling (oh so im bonding with him already)
i see him walking.. i can see his sweat.. he stops, he scratches his head. he walks back to the car, he stops. he wastes like 3 mins for searching for his car switch (which is already in his other hand) he opens the car. and yes yes i can see him grabbing his fone (bare with me im getting to the floating head!) he walks to the RTA parking tickets machine, grabs his wallet while he is trying to control his weak walk.. he cant focus.. he stops.. he sits on the floor. and seem like crying!

I RAN out of my car.. with my perfume in my hand (i want to be his hero :P any ones hero!!! i wana save some body aside of weird cats crossing the street)

i walk .. i think .. i think eerrr .. i should go back~ what if he hits me!! (sooo random i know lol)
any way .. i gather my abbaya *which was dragged on the floor .. cause like i never wear it in the car! its ttooo hot!!* i walk.. its hot.. i trip.. i fall!!

AND MY DEAR FRIENDS (or imaginary readers) that was the first time i started to form ppl as floating heads!

out of no where i'd find 7 guys trying to help.. its not sunny anymore.. its pretty dark.. where am i ...
why is it very hot... ouch! what it that (this is me talking to myself)

yes, the floating heads were all around me speaking in one voice.. asking me if im okay... i mean i only tripped! nothing happened i mean... really! just let me goo ,,,

i get up.. for a minute i forgot the reason i got out of my car.. i look around.. i see horrified faces.. they all are asking me if im okay. there is a bottle of water reaching out to me. another bottle of canada dry! (wow how did this get in here)  i yell out of my lungs FLOATING HEADS MOVE , (ابا اتحرك عطوني درب) - i wanna move give me some space..
i move.. my knee and back r hurting me.. but its okay.. i mean wth! any way..

i walk to the man (remember him.. the one who sat on the floor ?)
i have my channel chance in my hand, i want to refresh him. i care. because i stalked him remember?

i reach there.. with the sun clotting all of my blood cells. its too hot too sunny very hot ..  i collect a smile and look at him  saying (عمي ، انت بخير؟ انا كنت في سيارتي و ... عمي؟؟؟؟؟)  trans. Sir, are u okay? i've seen u while i was in my car and ...... Sir???

i dont know why but i screamed out of my lungs! i dont or cant recall a time that i screamed like this! even when i had an explosion right in my face (thats another story !!)  i couldnt stop screaming. i couldnt touch him ..
it was like this.. the guy is sitting on the floor. im (with my dragged dusty abbaya behind me) screaming right infront of him.
Then i started crying! i sensed something is wrong (all of my fears were like .. what if he died? why did i have to trip and fall! he might have needed my help.. the floating heads.... yes i will blame it on the floating heads!!!)

oh my oh my!! what do i have to do to get help!! my fone is in my car! im tooo scared to move ..
out of no where id fall *in despair* and keep on saying FLOATING HEADS WHERE R UUU .. IM SORRY I SCREAMED U AWAAAY.. PLEASE PLEASE COME.... THIS MAN WONT USE MY PERFUME..

i cried. i screamed and ppl started to come...

i loved how my floating heads came to rescue me.. and i hated how they gave me the priority and almost ignored him.

they called an ambulance.. and they took him to the ER of rashid hospital.

the poor man had a heart attack. and if i didnt trip or fall.. i could've saved him :( atleast be with him..

i remember after the ambulance took him, i went to the machine, slotted four hours ticket, placed it on his cars windshield. (in tears.. cause he mainly wanted to do that)

walked to my car.. to find a fine of 150 dirhams.. cause i didnt place a parking ticket of my own...

i thought it was karma.. i really didnt mind...

since then ... i always meditated.
and i always saw ppl as body-less floating heads.


This story is real.
and the man is okay :)


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