Jun 24, 2010

Just learning the freedom of floating on..

U know how they say that elephants are never aware of the idea of breaking the leash they r under cause when they were little trainers used to tie their lil bodies in those huge ropes and they grew up tide and tangled w the same ropes but they always thought of how they are much bigger and they can never break free?

Now .. FOCUS "i know u read the earlier paragraph like three times to grasp the idea.. and u probably wondering i that meant any thing.. in this case i advice u to go back and read AGAIN"

What im saying here is... we all are much worse than elephants. We keep on hanging on our sorrows, difficulties and the daily crap. We fall weak.. we cry then we vent and thennnnnn we have icecream get a sugar boost and tadaaaa.. we fake happiness. 

im NOT saying that no one is happy.... but recently every one has A PROBLEM. 
mine is that im mentally screwed by the access trust i gave ppl.. 
my friend is screwed cause she wants divorce.. the other is not happy cause her hubby isn't watching football games.. the third is desperately sad cause they are only going to switzerland for the summer and they usually go to france and uk and switzerland.. "enough with the caps locks! i shall pay em respect when ever they pay my humanity respect!!"

Do u get what i mean???? every one is stuck in their own misery.. which some ppl tend to call drama.. "which is sooo unfair to drama!! drama is a form of ART and what we do is waaaaaaaaaaaaay far from art..."

WE ARE ALL BABY ELEPHANTS! WE WERE TRAINED TO BE AWARE OF THE LEASH.. NO MATTER WHAT U SAY... WE ALL FEAR WITH DEALING WITH WHAT EVER CRAP WE GOT JUST BECAUSE WE ARENT READY FOR A CRAP FREE LIFE.. YES .. we are sooo miserable .. that we dont want out pain to go away .. just because we dont know what will happen after....

we dont have the freedom to imagine freely.. we dont have the freedom to expect. we all are suppressed by all the fears we have.  

floating away by ~hannzo