Dec 7, 2010


Just sharing some rough bullet points, U can close the page.. i dont mind.

I think that life is cheap. thats why i kinda tried to waste it.

I lost alot of friends.. which wasn't because of me. yet it was always uncomfortable to face it.

While ppl sleep, i end up holding a pen and counting how many days it took me to finish what i never finished. and every day i wud say tomorrow but eventually tomorrow is 10 years late.

I have been in a long old big sleep.

I run out of words.

I end up being all haha like cz it really bothers me to open up.

What ever i've been thru was due to 3 reasons:
-Wrong choices
- Infinite trust
- Lack of bitchy-iness

Its been observed that my life isnt complete.. 
picture it as this gift u got and u know how awesome is it.. so every day u wud decide to leave it to  better day ... days pass by.. the gift gets old.. u grow up and lose the thrill of opening it.. so every day.. its right there.. across ur sight.. but u still wont open it.. u just got used to it closed.. ur saving it for a better day.. 
while waiting and counting down to the day *which u pushed soooo many times* u realize u wasted alot of time on really nothing. this numbness is really stupid.. u have tortured ur self on nothing.. wasted chances.. shame nada.. thats a shame.. 

ANY WAY. these were my observations.. im working on them .. im off to watch kill bill now.. i'll sniff u soon