Jul 3, 2010

Mama said

حبنا للآخرين يجب ألا يكون مشروطا بسلوكهم، نحبهم لحبنا لمن يحبهم "mom said"

"our love to others shudnt be conditional, we love them out of our love to the ones who love them. "

very deep! but i kinda disagree

Jun 27, 2010

ALL ABOUT EM WORDS..... "all about them words.."

it has occurred to me that i have limited words on my mind. they keep on flashing... u see my brain is like a high way.. it got two wide way highway.. it has a bright moon.. and see through stars.. 
and when i come to wander.. all what i see or more of get fascinated by .. are the flashy strong lid billboards.. 
thought of sharing the words highlighted with you.. i mean.. it is possible.. very very .. to have some one which shares the same words.. maybe... not.

im serious now.. i have these words constantly .. i even dream about them... 

Seconds late dignity urge fail fall alone wish him mom help could 

despair miss family dream weight money sisterhood Love 

identity support love safety-net TRUST breathe LEAVE..