Aug 4, 2010

Calling all the lost souls.

I have always pictured my self as a captain of an endless ship. This ship is heading to heaven and in order to get the right path i needed to follow the bonus items on the way "which are either ice-cream scopes or strawberries".

 Call me dreamy but i really didnt have any choice. EVERY single kid wanted to be a president or a doctor OR a pimp**. 

Imagine a kid in her 5th year of life, giving advices to a beggar of how not to beg and to go and work in her fathers medical center "my father". Imagine a kid who trusted the sun rise and believed that life was only about love and sisterhood and friendship. All people are saints. Trust is an eternal right till they prove the opposite. 

I used to sneak out of bed in midnights, take my walkman and my diary and walk in the shadows to our living room huge veranda. U have no idea how amusing that was. I was 11 and i always asked the RJ at Um alquwain FM to play my songs list "yes i had a list". And omg.. don't let me even start with the poems i used to write... 

i was in an infinate love with this veranda.. it was huge.. and the moon always had dropped its silver shadow on it. i was never afraid of the dark. i was never afraid of anything by then.. 

To carry on. time have proven that i was in denial. and trust wasnt an eternal right... it was more of internal secret ... 
I started to fear the dark,, and get so afraid to stay alone in my room. I have believed in monsters in the age of 18. I have lost my trust in the veranda as i grew in size.. it wasnt that big at all. plus the moon never dropped its shadow like it used to be. 

I have neglected the poetic urges in me. I have turned into a lost soul.

So dear lost souls... 
i know that might have seemed shallow... 
but when did u lose ur soul?

with love, 

Aug 1, 2010

Press Play - Loud please. (mspwettylurvesss)

Why give up before we try

Feel the lows before the highs
Clip our wings before we fly away
I can't say I can't compare
I'm suspended it the air
Won't u come be in the sky with me