Jun 13, 2010

Shh just close the door i want to wash my feet.

This is just another story. 

Like an hour ago i needed to wash my feet, i had a very very strong urge to wash em.. 
any way.. the place im in has only one bathroom and i couldnt stand (lods of issues.. cant stand still .. and erh,,, long story). So the urge kept on burning me .. and pushing me;.. out of no where .. i'd head to the pantry and call my sweet fatima.. i asked her to come and help me .. 
we headed to the pantry i said nothing.. 
fatima was worried.. she had her serious face on.. 
i was like fatima help me raising my foot.. im afraid i'd fall... 
AND without any questions asked... fatima being an amazing friend helped me out. 
she didnt ask me why am i using the sink of the pantry to wash (my clean) feet.. she didnt give me any looks.. she helped me and then stood by the door so nobody would see me.. 

i know it might seem lame and shollow to u. but this is out to Fatima.. i lobe u! u did what a best friend would do.. i really lobe u <3