Jul 16, 2010

A Friday morning picnic

So i went for a jog then decided to take the poor turtles with me.. my fav book too! 06,30 AM till 09,00
was fab <3

Yes .. the turtles had fun too ^_^

One of the best books i have ever read <3 it cracks me up like crazy read it tones of times <3

Jul 11, 2010

Pray for me, she said.

When u start to hold ur tears in a bottle.. 
do u tend to wish away ur prayers? 
i sing them in my head on and on .. 
they say u shudnt beg out of despair.. 
u shud beg out of love for the only and one.. 
and i do love u.. 
i havn't been close to u lately .. 
but i do love u.. and it hurts me to be away.. 

i used to press ppl away.. tangle them up in my own world.
i had so much fun and i laughed the pain away.. 

she passes by me in my dreams.. 
she'd ask me to send my kisses in a box.. 
she says im suppressed ,, and i cant make anything mine.. 
she ends my endless dreams like always.. 
she would dance the numbness away.. she'd dance the stars and giggle out loud.. 
i wake up after the breathless seconds i took .. i wonder why wont i ever meet her in here.. 
why wont i be there dancing away the moon.. all me all me .. not her.. then i wud ask her to pray for me .. or atleast id say.

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