Jan 10, 2010

thinking ...

ive been asked to define sanity .. 
and in order to do that .. i needed to seek my own .. 

that is depressing u know .. 


to cut the story short .. here is my timeline .. erm ..

  1. Any way I don't mind u following me and calling me from a line to line.. It never amuses me thu.. Please invade my privacy..
  2. @Bob_XD LONG story,,,
  3. @TheSamasim he can't do shit .. He is just over working him self .. Been a looong time.. And i got bored seriously truly bored
  4. @Hajer13 I love my guards .. And I hate the tacky "I can see right thru u" I love my loneliness and adore my sadness I chose IT!
  5. @Bob_XD yes.. Very true or I wud never type it
  6. @luluAF its not sad as much as it is interesting.. Ur such a cute e-friend lobe u ms luluuu
  7. Don't u know that I never look back?
  8. I heard u commenting abt me with the tkt officer I've seen u and ignored u walked right by u and overheard u ..
  9. I really don't have u in sight and it was never abt me not wanting to hurt u its just that ur no one in my world .. Accept that
  10. Why do u always tend to have a feeling.. I don't loath u and I don't love u .. Why do u over ask and question. Why don't u just let go..
  11. I've seen u following me today.. U sat beside me at the cinema .. U commented on my perfume.. How stupid do u think I am?
  12. @Hajer13 have a million guard up. Its the only way trust me.
  13. @luluAF a thousand shoulder cud be right here .. But none wud be desired or approved .. Zero trust in me to any .. Sad huh :(
  14. Don't let my smile fool u. I never show what I think.. I just make u feel n say what I want u to.. Its scary isn't it?
  15. Its not an error in the plan.. I mean I got no trust in any.. Its not u.. Neither me its them they made me they programmed me.. To not to
  16. I mean its kinda amusing how I can hold soo many but refuse to fall on a thousand pillows lined by u ..
  17. How is it possible that I am the solutions lady and got all the safety nets once ur in need & once I search for a shoulder I think of none?
  18. @Mannouma hug huggg
  19. Ermm..