Jan 20, 2010

My One And Only

He wants me to be more edgy .. more sharp .. to more of stand to myself and work on me .. 
he said he'll break me .. he said that brats are just a state of failure .. and i shudnt fight or talk back ! 


oh please ! CRAP !! i cant just be a bitch just because u want me to ! 
me not replying back is called great manners ! 
when wud u ever appriciate that .. most of the time i talk to u .. i get headaches ! YES HEADACHES ! 
ur over rated .. and harsh . above all of that u call me RUDE AND FAKE ,, then u kindly add that im not being my self with u!
HOW WOULD I KNOW! im just confused .. and all what i have on mind is the nearest exit .. 
yes i mentionedd  that twice before .. and i know u know good for mee ! YET AGAIN !



ME???????????????????????????? !!!!

i always get attracted to hopless cases and bad boys .. oh boy oh boy! May God Be With Me .. 

i am: In deeeeeeep headache .. with a very strong heart beats ,, off to sleep ..nighty x0x0x


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