Jan 20, 2010


how the clouds looked in November

how each and every sun rise amuses me .. makes me feel soo tiny and loved ..

how i used to pay attention to the smallest details !

how i loved afternoons by the sea
thats momie btw <3

trusting a driver to ease the cruel roads


Roonii ♡ said...

We get carried away in life..

Without even noticing, we turn into robot-like containers.

forget the real meaning of what were sent here to do..

But it's never too late to turn the clock around and take a little bit of what you're life was like..

Missing something doesn't mean you can't have it back.. just means you need it more than you thought you did (:


MsPwetty said...

ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONz ! oh my ! this was soo touching ! very sorry for the belated reply .. this notifications thing aint on !

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