Dec 24, 2009

du dudu ru rururu

do do ro ro du du du turo turo *hmmmming*
so here am i in God knows where ! freezing my toes as some kind of brutal punishment to myself .. why ? well i dont know .. but soon i will so keep up the good work and read !

*broken hearted melody playin in the back ground*

its eid night .. something like Christmas eve to u guys ,..
the deserts are being prepared .. all family are arriving and checking in ,, u can really smell the love scent here !

and there she is .. ms pwetty with her headset and mini pda .. shaking her head like a lame valse replica in her pj's of last night . YES i refuse to change . *will realllly get back to this soon :P*
so as i was trying to say ,, i want tender love ..i mean like some kind of free none tipping service
i want him to hold me tight ! and serve me icecreams all day ! and night !! and week !!
without a lame smile with at ur service ms *yes i am highlighting that smexy room service dude*
oh oh andddd !
must be taller! im 172 so its a must i mean so i can get enuf TLC

i want him to be funny too ! not to be soo afraid of being funny that he;ll laugh at any thing id mutter likee ..
*goes back in memory*
Ms Pwetty: ohh Goodmorning mr Abbaas ..
Mr Abbas: ehehehe morning hahahaha

*gets back to reality*

NOW NO ! this is scary .. and not the funny scary kind of thing.

lovkum. mspwetty

thursday 26nov 03:55pm

lovkum means i love u all in Arabic slang


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