Jun 27, 2010

ALL ABOUT EM WORDS..... "all about them words.."

it has occurred to me that i have limited words on my mind. they keep on flashing... u see my brain is like a high way.. it got two wide way highway.. it has a bright moon.. and see through stars.. 
and when i come to wander.. all what i see or more of get fascinated by .. are the flashy strong lid billboards.. 
thought of sharing the words highlighted with you.. i mean.. it is possible.. very very .. to have some one which shares the same words.. maybe... not.

im serious now.. i have these words constantly .. i even dream about them... 

Seconds late dignity urge fail fall alone wish him mom help could 

despair miss family dream weight money sisterhood Love 

identity support love safety-net TRUST breathe LEAVE..


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