Nov 22, 2010

Over packing syndrome.

Im sorry to tell u that I have been diagnosed w  the over packing syndrome which makes me pack alotta of things that I don’t really need and I don’t have a clue about the reason which made me buy em.
I moved to RAK (Ras AlKhaima) 5 weeks ago. Its really challenging as it took me for ever to pack… I have been here for 5 weeks and haven’t unpacked yet. THE REASON is my dear  imaginary  readers that I actually moved between 7 rooms. The satisfaction wasn’t really there with alhamra village u know… every room had its defect.. and it really bothered me. As I have two weeks left, I spend the pre sleep minutes in thinking wither to unpack and stack the clothes inside the closet or just bare with the daily chaos which ends by wearing a pair of jeans and any sneakers id find on my way out as I dance my way to my car jumping in and out of my outfit so it gets comfy on me…

                Update: I emailed a person telling him that we shud talk 3 weeks ago.. and he ignored me. How pathetic a person cud get huh :P *im not that scary Omar!*

ANOTHER UPDATE: I miss u sid <3 like wayyyyyyyyyyyy toooo much and im sorry for not catching up with u as I ended up sleeping instead of calling u <3

                Last update: I am getting black…. As the sun burned my sorry tushhh while shooting on daily bases under it. (we totally shud sit under any shade for a min as a salute to my long lost skin which got burned and stuff)

I gtg now…
BEACE! *as in peace*


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