Jul 29, 2010

Wont tell any one - xx

This none ending stream of ideas in my head. Torn between alotta of WONDERFUL opportunities.

I don't know whether to fly to Paris and finish my masters in arts OR join the UN for a year OR just finish my 2 pending movies OR just pack and visit all the ppl i know around the world Japan/China/Russia/UK/Germany/US/Switzerland...etc

I guess i got used to the way the crap kept on appearing and i have got this crises management A+"yay i just gave my self an A". 
I kinda thought that to ignore is the best method. AND LIKE/AS always i HAVE been wrong. U see ma lil lovlie imaginary readers (AND stalkers) I am in love with the NIGHT and THE MOON and every tiny cute thing in this world.. i thought i was out of strength and had an absolute zero source to recharge.. and then i thought:
every one else is longing for a soul mate.. i don't really see the need of  a man to have for my own. I wasn't raised nor forced to think that i worth nothing without a life partner/hubby/lover.  That means i dont have to long to anything to charge my heart up.... id love to drift in the sea of knowing nothing at all <3 after ALL this is the beautiful prison of motivation .. no? "im sure u understood nothing.. any how .. continue"

I took alottta of time to decide and i wasted alot of chances... and since i perfected the ART of ignorance AND crises management "which is more of a science"
i realized that NOTHING worse could happen cause i have hit rock bottom "quoting salem" and i have dealt with most of the monsters who scared me ... 

any way.. there is no end point here,, i was just flagging my thoughts. U be good,, and keep floating. 



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