Mar 5, 2010

Hyundai sued by Louis Vuitton over high-end basketball

The whole issue was about this add. 
watch the window below 

LV. made a big deal about Hyundai using LV's basket ball 

Any way .. i wud be offended too if Hyundai used anything related to me! i mean isnt it enough with all their stolen designs and horrible safety measures ?

i will leave u with the quoted news report

"At question is a Hyundai Sonata commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl that linked the company's new-for-2011 sedan to all things luxurious. About four seconds into the spot, a brown basketball with gold symbols is shown. Forgive us if we didn't immediately notice that the design of the ball is strikingly similar to the colors and symbols of Louis Vuitton, but the world-famous couture company caught on right away. So... are they excited about the free press during the Super Bowl? Not so much. 

The Car Connection reports that Louis Vuitton is suing Hyundai because the French purse maker says the Korean automaker tried "to benefit commercially from the fame and renown of the LVM Marks by creating a false association between Louis Vuitton and its automobiles." So, what does LV want for Hyundai's alleged trademark infringement? How about "triple damages, punitive damages, a halt to the alleged infringement, and other remedies." Sounds a lot more expensive than a Louis Vuitton handbag, eh?

We aren't really up to speed on the legal ramifications of trademark infringement, so we aren't about to guess as to whether or not Hyundai will end up paying any fines or settlements. We do think it's a sweet-looking basketball, though, and Louis Vuitton should talk to Hyundai about borrowing that design so they can sell a few $300 $2,300 b-balls. If you don't remember the commercial in question."


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