Feb 1, 2010

A short story ..

my name is bla .. wud u care to try one of our products ??
this is called humanity .. from the 1st use we guarantee u sensation. and if u apply it twice a day the tingly like feeling will be affection defrozing. 
Yes sir. we promise u to save u.. only if u let us to ... 

and maybe if u use it for more than a week there will be a high chance of actual persuasion of u sensing the other users of our amazing product.

No sir, they wont be competing with u .. they r all saved just like u .. 

no sir .. we didnt produce it yet .. broken hearts are known to be a bit shrunken .. they lose faith easily and  its very hard to get insurance for our test budies these days.. 

maybe i can fix that too .. u see the blackness is caused by that dark shades u got on .. let me help u to replace them by these crystal clear human feeling .



Habayeb said...

Hi there. I noticed u mentioned ur a film maker. Im an aspiring film maker and just had a few Qs if u dont mind me asking as a complete beginner. Do you have a professional email add or something where i can contact you?

MsPwetty said...

OMG! im sooooooooooooooo sorry for the super late reply!

u can always email me at ms.pwetty@hotmail.com

<3 wud love to support all the industry lovers <3

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