Jan 3, 2010

Evil Eye !!

hellow ! blogging from the hospital .. yes ! started this year in a v v v weird way ! 
my temp. been going up and down and it wont go down. i had to cut my newyear's break and come back to dubai and yes collapsed the minute i got out of the plane . rushed to the hospital and suspected to have swine flue ! 
thank God im ok .. but i cant get over this torture i was in! 
and no its not swine flue .. 
my current temp is 38.7 lets hope i get back to my normal temp. 

the only Q ive been asked lately is why ?
HOW WOULD I KNOW WHY ! all what i know is im sick and v weak .. funny thing is i wont let mom go home .. i cant stay without her lol i get really clingy when im sick . 

a friend called me today viewing her theory that it was an evil eye which caught me .. i think i will stick to that .. 
once any one wud ask me WHY? i will be like .. ehh .. Evil Eye ! 

x0x0x Nada 


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